Our amazing finishes




Custom Stainless Steel Finish


Silver Satin Stripe GF/G25ST
Silver Satin Checked GF/G26ST
Silver Satin Leather GF/G27ST
Silver Satin Diamond GF/G28ST
Silver Satin Canvas GF/G29ST
Mirror Bronze GF/G30ST
Mirror Bronze Cobble GF/G31ST
Mirror Blue GF/G32ST



















Silver Satin Leather Silver Satin Checked Mirror Bronze Cobble Mirror Bronze Silver Satin Stripe Mirror Blue Silver Satin Diamond Silver Satin Canvas
offer an impressive array of bespoke surround finishes in polished, etched and coloured stainless steel.. Our standard surrounds come in mirror or brushed stainless steel
opens up a new world of choice for the hole-in-the-wall fires. You'll be surprised at the subtle colours and effects that can be created with our faux stone finishes. If you don't see one here that matches your dream fire, give us a call.
Beach Tarragon Eclipse Aurora Savannah Antarctica Oyster Abalone Rosetta

Faux Stone Finish


Abalone GF/H25FS
Antarctica GF/H26FS
Aurora GF/H27FS
Beach GF/H28FS
Eclipse GF/H29FS
Oyster GF/H30FS
Rosetta GF/H31FS
Savannah GF/H32FS
Tarragon GF/H33FS